Highest Quality Care

Executive Medicals

The Sandy Crest Medical Centre Private Executive Medical programme is designed with the schedule and needs of the busy executive as a foremost consideration. It is a full health check designed not only to detect early signs of illness e.g. Diabetes, Hypertension etc. but also to educate you about your overall health and methods to prevent illness. The latter is known as Primary Prevention.

As part of Primary Prevention, we will also look at your Immunization History and offer appropriate immunizations (for e.g. tetanus) as necessary, we will also offer stress management, fitness and nutritional counselling to improve your lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial to the success of your primary prevention plan.

We aim to provide timely, compassionate and comprehensive healthcare, we continually strive to understand your needs in order to guarantee delivery of the highest quality care. You should therefore expect the following during your time with us:

A full review of medical history and detailed physical examination.

Integrated specialist care for example, audiology (hearing test) and Opthalmology (routine eye examination)

A detailed screening for heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other conditions

Customized Primary Prevention plan to include nutrition, fitness and stress management recommendations

A Full report of your test and results (next day)

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