• Masks must be worn at all times when visiting our facilities.

  • Upon entering and exiting any part of the clinic please sanitise your hands thoroughly. Facilities are in place for this.

  • Cover all coughs/sneezes with a tissue. Discard the used tissue immediately in the waste receptacles provided and wash your hands immediately.

  • Patients experiencing flu-like symptoms, coughing, sneezing, fever, loss of taste or loss of smell are advised to make use of our Online Doctor Visit. option. The physician on duty will determine if the complaint is suited to an online doctor visit and advise you accordingly.

  • Patients with non-urgent complaints are asked to make use of our Online Doctor Visit. The physician on duty will determine if the complaint is suited to an online doctor visit and advise you accordingly.

  • Within the clinic all patients are required to adhere to physical distancing measures such as queuing demarcation, placement of chairs and signage in this regard.

  • Patients may be asked to wait in their car/outside of the clinic to facilitate adequate physical distancing.

  • Patients are advised that relatives may be asked to wait in their car/ outside of the clinic. If the patient requires assistance or is underaged, one relative will be allowed to remain with them.

Starting May 2020, Sandy Crest and Coverley Medical Centres introduced Online Doctor Visits for non-urgent complaints suited to online consultations. This service makes it possible for you to have a consultation with one our capable physicians in the comfort and safety of your own home. Telemedicine is relatively new to Barbados and we understand that you may have some questions, see some answers to frequently asked questions below.

Why should I get vaccinated?

Taking the vaccine reduces your chances of becoming severely ill if infected with the virus causing covid-19. In addition to protecting yourself, you will be protecting your loved ones and those you encounter as the vaccine also reduces your ability to transmit the virus. For information regarding getting your vaccine, contact the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

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COVID-19 Health and Wellness Tips

Staying safe at home

If you or anyone in your home is showing symptoms of COVID-19, safely seek medical assistance. The only way to know if you are COVID positive is with a PCR or Rapid antigen test. Contact the COVID Hotline for further information on the steps you will need to take. If you want to schedule a test with us, email for more details.

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Importance of strengthening your immune system and having an active lifestyle

The immune system is effective against many disease-causing germs and viruses. Due to the virus that causes Covid-19, being a novel virus, it is not recognized by our immune system and the body’s defence against it is limited. This is why physical distancing, mask wearing and hand sanitising is imperative.

It is important to know that a strong immune system will not prevent you from contracting COVID-19. However, developing a strong immune system while you are healthy can help sustain your body as it familiarizes itself with the virus if you do get sick. Boosting your immune health can also help you fight other common bugs such as cold or flu viruses. Research suggests that nutrition, quality exercise and activity can benefit your immune health.

Coping with stress during COVID-19

Ask for help!

Feeling sad, stressed, confused, scared or angry during this crisis is absolutely normal!

Contact someone you trust like a pastor, counsellor, family member or friend and talk it out!

Stay in the know!

Gather information from trusted sources like the Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS) and public health officials.

Hit the pause button.

Don’t spend all day watching or listening to media coverage on COVID-19. Taking a break will limit worry and stress.

Stay healthy!

Maintain a healthy lifestyle – exercise, eat properly, sleep and keep in contact with your loved ones via messaging platforms.

Upskill yourself!

Take this time to focus on developing yourself in a new area or improving current skills. Check out some of the online courses offered by Regal Development Solutions.

Look to the future

Things are uncertain right now but it’s important to still live with your future in mind. Make plans, tweak ideas, or revisit an old project. COVID-19 is not forever, so don’t give up on your future..

Other Resources

Below is a few trusted sources for information on COVID 19.