Family Medicine

Understanding when to visit your doctor

These signs and symptoms warrant an immediate visit to the doctor


Coughing Blood


Chest Pain

Severe joint pain

Infected Wounds

Allegric reaction

Shortness of breath

High or persistent fever

New onset of confusion

New onset of severe headache

Weakness on one side of your body

Family Medicine

Chronic Disease Management

We see and manage patients with a range of chronic illnesses on a walk- in and appointment basis. These include:

Asthma Management
  • Nebulisation
  • Refills
  • Disease Management
  • Management of Complications
  • Medication Refills
  • Coaching on appropriate self-care
Sickle Cell
  • Sickle Cell Crises
  • Pain Management
  • Fluid Resuscitation
Diabetes Mellitus
  • Diabetic Emergencies
  • Wound Care
  • Refills
  • Self-Care
  • On-site pain management
  • Disease management
  • Confirmatory Imaging