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Travel insurance forms

We accept travel insurance from most bona fide travel insurance carriers. This enables visitors to receive medical care from Sandy Crest without having to pay at the time of the consultation for their medical care. In order for visitors to use their travel insurance, they must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Have current and valid travel health insurance coverage
  2. Provide at least two forms of picture identification
  3. Sign a form giving us permission to release their medical records
  4. Agree to settle our charges if their information is incorrect

Otherwise forms can be obtained from Sandy Crest’s reception desk.If there are any queries please contact:

  1. Lynette Devonish
  2. Sherry Dowell

The Assignment of Benefits of Your Health Insurance

Sandy Crest has always listened to our patients. In order to lessen the financial impact of the cost of our patient’s medical care at Sandy Crest, the assignment of benefits program was introduced in May 2009. Patients with local health insurance can now assign their insurance benefits to Sandy Crest Medical Centre (during the regular working hours of your insurance company).

This means, for the services for which you are covered, you will only pay a small percentage up front (~ 20% in most instances) and we will invoice your insurance company for the balance.

All you will need is:

  1. A Valid Picture ID
  2. A Valid Insurance Card/Policy numbe

In November 2009 we began to use the SAGICOR “electronic assignment of benefits” program. All holders of SAGICOR health insurance would be allowed (24/7) to swipe their SAGICOR card and in less than 5 minutes Sandy Crest will determine what percentage of the patient’s medical charges (usually 20%) that will have to be paid at the time of their consultation. This program will reduce the amount of cash that a SAGICOR health insurance subscriber will have to part with (by up to 80% in most instances), at the time of their consultation.


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