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The family physician's role as a cost-effective coordinator of the patient's health services is integral to the care provided. This process is guided by annual check-ups where we establish a baseline for good health which we will monitor closely to assist you in maintaining or returning to good health.

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Q: What tests should I do when I go for an annual check-up?

The annual check-up should be a detailed head to toe physical examination along with blood testing such as blood glucose, a total lip profile, Hemaglobin or Liver and Kidney Function. In some cases the Physician may suggest a urinalysis or radiological investigation or ECG. Your age, gender, medical history and family history will play a great role in kind of testing that a physician recommends for you. However in its most basic form your medical should consist of the following.

For more information on the annual check-up please contact a Health and Wellness Representative at 419-4911.

Q: Why should I go to the doctor if I am not sick?
Going for a check-up when you are not sick allows a physician to establish a baseline for good health. We are all unique and it is important that the doctor learn more about your health and family history. This information is useful when changes occur. It also allows us to detect problems early. Early detection is increases your chances of a cure and or better management of a condition.
Q: How would I know what checks are important?

This is a complex question which has many factors. In order to advise you properly a physician will ask many questions about your diet and lifestyle, they will also gather information from your examination such as blood pressure, Body Mass Index, Waist to Hip ratio and visual acuity to determine which checks are most important to you (the individual). There is no one size fits all. Here are some examples;

Adult Males and Females – A thorough history inclusive of systematic review of cardiology, pulmonology, neurology, psychiatry, endocrinology, and haematology. This is done through a thorough head to toe physical examination including visual acuity, blood testing and radiological investigations as required.

Sexually Active females - Pap Smear

Females Over 40- Mammogram

Males Over 40 - Prostate examination and PSA test

Annual check-ups

Health and Wellness services include:

Annual Check-ups: Your annual check-up should be personalized to suit your individual needs. We have basic packages which frame the consultation with your physician. Your gender history and other demographics will be carefully examined during the examination in order to provide an option which is best suited to you.

Chronic disease monitoring and management

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Hypertension
  • Asthma

Nutrition Services

Other medical Services include:

  • Medical Certification
  • School medicals
  • Driving fitness
  • Insurance medicals

Download Cardiac risk assestment :

Cardiac Risk Assestment

Download Guideline for basic annual checkup:

Basic Annual Checkup

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