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Mission of the club

Our Health Club is designed to assist you in prevention and management of non-communicable diseases. Our aim is to be a source of support and catalyst for all person who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle. There are several metabolic changes which are linked to heart disease, hypertension, diabetes & cancer namely:

  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Elevated cholesterol and blood glucose levels
  • Overweight and obesity

Our aim is to help you reverse and control these metabolic changes.

What is in it for me?
  • Discounts from various health, fitness and retail establishments.
  • Discounted health equipment, produce and health products.
  • Free check- in with our Wellness Physician at club events.

And there is more, every first Saturday of the month, we will host our Pop Up Health Stop. Come for the morning workout, learn how to cook quick healthy meals, get answers to your health questions and receive free testing of course.


Where: Sandy Crest Medical Centre - Time: 10:00 am - 1:30 pm

How do I join?

Contact our Health and Wellness Team at :
Telephone 1-246-432-5197

Annual membership fee: $80.00 BDS

Take advantage of our special offer of $40.00 from now until March 31st.

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