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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is Sandy Crest a hospital?

No. Sandy Crest does not have inpatient beds. Sandy Crest is a Level IV Trauma Centre which provides initial evaluation, stabilization, diagnostic capabilities, and transfer to a higher level of care (i.e. I, II and III) if and when necessary. It may also provide very basic surgery and critical care services as defined in the scope of services of trauma care. A highly trained doctor and nurses are available upon the patient’s arrival at Sandy Crest.

Q: Do I need an appointment to be seen at Sandy Crest?

No. Just walk in.

Q: Do I have to be referred to be seen at Sandy Crest?

No. Anyone with a medical problem can attend Sandy Crest.

Q: What are your opening hours?

Sandy Crest is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. In over 1,100 days/nights we have been open we have closed less than 14 nights.

Q: Do you prefer to see emergencies?

Our highly trained doctors are capable of managing most emergencies as well as most medical conditions, including non-emergencies.

Q: How long is a typical wait?

This depends on the day. Call ahead and we will give you an estimate. For most patients the wait is less than one hour.

Q: If I do have to wait how do I pass my time?

While we at Sandy Crest will do everything to keep your waiting time to a minimum there will be times that an emergency will result in a backlog of patients. In planning for this possibility Sandy Crest has provided the following:

  1. Magazines on a wide range of subjects
  2. Two TVs with a wide range of Multi Choice TV (MCTV) channels
  3. WiFi for those who would prefer to use their laptops while they wait
  4. An inviting children’s playroom

Q: What are the qualifications/ experience of the doctors working at Sandy Crest?

Most of our physicians are fully qualified consultant grade ER MDs. For the most part those MDs that are not fully qualified ER MDs are enrolled in a recognised ER MD training program.

Q: What are the qualifications/ experience of the registered nurses (RNs) at Sandy Crest?

Sandy Crest insists that all its Registered Nurses be ACLS* certified. Those who are not ACLS current; must have their ACLS training brought up to date.

*ACLS = Advanced Cardiac Life Support is an internationally recognised protocol for handling patients who are experiencing serious medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest. ACLS also refers to the skills and training necessary to use the protocol safely and properly.

Q: Do you accept local health insurance?

Sandy Crest has always listened to our patients. In order to lessen the financial impact of the cost of our patient’s medical care at Sandy Crest, the assignment of benefits program was introduced in May 2009. Patients with local health insurance can now assign their insurance benefits to Sandy Crest Medical Centre (during the regular working hours of your insurance company).

This means, for the services for which you are covered, you will only pay a small percentage up front (approximately 20% in most instances) and we will invoice your insurance company for the balance.

All you will need is: (1) A Valid Picture ID (2) A Valid Insurance Card/Policy number

In November 2009 we began to use the SAGICOR “electronic assignment of benefits” program. All holders of SAGICOR health insurance would be allowed (24/7) to swipe their SAGICOR card and in less than 5 minutes Sandy Crest will determine what percentage of the patient’s medical charges (usually 20%) that will have to be paid at the time of their consultation. This program will reduce the amount of cash that a SAGICOR health insurance subscriber will have to part with (by up to 80% in most instances), at the time of their consultation.

Q: What methods of payment are accepted at Sandy Crest Medical Centre?

  1. Cash
  2. Debit Card
  3. Credit Card - VISA/MASTER
  4. Local Health Insurance
  5. Travel Insurance

please note that we do not accept cheques from patients !

Q: Has Sandy Crest ever had any security breaches?

No. Sandy Crest has a 24 hour security guard presence. Our entrances are all monitored by security cameras that are monitored both on and off site. We do our best in order to ensure the safety of our patients, guest and staff alike.

Q: What does Sandy Crest do if someone has a serious condition that requires more advanced care?

Sandy Crest is a starting point for access into the acute healthcare setting. Our staff are trained to stabilize a patient with serious or life-threatening symptoms and to arrange for ambulance transportation to the hospital emergency department within a relatively short time frame.

Q: When Sandy Crest is incapable of managing a case what happens after there?

Sandy Crest has an excellent working relationship with:

  1. The QEH ambulance services
  2. The private ambulance services
  3. The QEH
  4. Bayview Hospital
  5. Various Specialist in different fields

Such relationships allow us to:

  1. Almost seamlessly transfer the patient who needs hospitalization to their chosen inpatient facility
  2. Set up appointments within a relatively short time frame with a number of specialists

Q: Can I schedule an appointment to be seen at Sandy Crest?

We do not normally make appointments for patients to be seen at Sandy Crest. However, appointments are made for annual checkups and for clients who are enrolled in the family health and wellness programme. (Click here to learn more)

For urgent cases patients accessing Sandy Crest’s services are systematically screened (triaged) by our highly trained and friendly nurses. Triaging establishes the potential seriousness of any given patient’s medical condition; which in turn determines the order in which the patient is eventually seen. Hence, while the nature of our operation is to provide treatment when it is needed, however, we try to see our patients in order of priority – e.g. A 45 year old man with severe chest pain and shortness of breath will be seen ahead of a child with a sprained toe.

Q: What services can I get at Sandy Crest?

We will provide treatment for any acute and non-acute condition or illness. If you follow this link you will get a greater sense of appreciation for the wide range of services that we offer.

Q: Can I see my regular GP/Family Physician if I am seen at Sandy Crest?

Yes. We will be ultimately guided by you, the patient’s instructions. Following your visit we can fax/ e-mail your primary care doctor a copy of your discharge instructions which will include your diagnosis, results, any treatment modality utilized, and other important information.

Q: I am a physician, why should I refer my patients to Sandy Crest?

Sandy Crest desires to be an extension of your office. Our convenient after hour, weekend and public holiday hours are designed to give you peace of mind and help reduce your burden. You can rest assured that if you send your patient to us we will give them appropriate quality care for their acute ailment and return them to you for regular treatment. There are a number of doctors that currently utilise Sandy Crest for their patients’ after hour medical care.

Q: Is there a special room for emergencies?

Yes. Sandy Crest has a dedicated STAT (Emergency) room. This room is well equipped with a wide range of medications and state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Q: How can patients provide feedback?

Patient feedback is always welcome. Patients could provide feedback by:

  1. E-Mailing
  2. Calling 246-419-4911 and speaking to a member of our admin staff
  3. Leaving a comment in the patient’s suggestion box or on the online survey.
  4. writing us at: Sandy Crest Medical Centre, Holetown, Sunset Crest, Barbados

Q: Do patients ever have to be treated (e.g. nebulised, receive IV fluids, etc,) in the waiting room?

No. The privacy of the patient was taken into account when Sandy Crest was designed so that none of our patients have to be treated in any of our two waiting rooms.

Q: When electrical power goes what happens to the patients on monitors?

We at Sandy Crest have a back up 150Kv generator that can provide uninterrupted power to the Centre including the radiology department.

Q: If there is doubt about an X-Ray result at 2:00 AM what can be done?

Via an ADSL link we can always access a consultant radiologist 24/7 for a second opinion on all X-Rays.

Q: If I do fill my prescription at HealthSmart Pharmacy Sandy Crest and I have to repeat it, can I refill it at another HealthSmart Pharmacy?

Yes. All of the pharmacies are computer linked and if you fill your prescription at HealthSmart Sandy Crest (and there are authorized repeats) you may refill your prescription at anyone of the HealthSmart pharmacies located across the island.

Q: Does Sandy Crest own the radiology department?

No. The radiology department is owned and operated by Diagnostic Radiology and they are tenants of the building just like HealthSmart Pharmacy and Barbados Reference Lab.


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