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Private Executive Medical

Private Executive Medical


The Sandy Crest and Coverley Medical Centre Private Executive Medical programme is designed with the schedule and needs of the busy executive as a foremost consideration. It is a full health check designed not only to detect early signs of illness e.g. Diabetes, Hypertension etc. but also to educate you about your overall health and methods to prevent illness. The latter is known as Primary Prevention.

As part of Primary Prevention, we will also look at your Immunization History and offer appropriate immunizations (for e.g. tetanus) as necessary, we will also offer stress management, fitness and nutritional counselling to improve your lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial to the success of your primary prevention plan.

We aim to provide timely, compassionate and comprehensive healthcare, we continually strive to understand your needs in order to guarantee delivery of the highest quality care. You should therefore expect the following during your time with us:

  • A full review of medical history and detailed physical examination
  • Integrated specialist care for example, audiology (hearing test) and Opthalmology (routine eye examination)
  • A detailed screening for heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other conditions
  • Customized Primary Prevention plan to include nutrition, fitness and stress management recommendations.
  • A Full report of your test and results (next day)

About the Private Executive Medical

Your private executive medical will be an educational experience which focuses not only on your current health but primary prevention.

The private executive medical includes

  • Physical Examination
  • Comprehensive Medical History
  • Preventative Screenings (via blood, urine, radiography, other)
  • Coronary Risk Assessment
  • Vaccinations and Immunizations update (including those needed for travel)
  • Auditory and Vision screening
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Mammography and Pelvic exam
  • Stress Management counselling (optional)
  • Primary Prevention Plan

Blood Tests included:
  • Full Blood Count – checks your blood iron and marrow / immune system function
  • U&E – checks kidney function
  • LFT’s – checks liver function
  • Fasting Lipid Profile – checks Cholesterol and sub-fractions – good and bad
  • Fasting Glucose – checks for tendency to Diabetes
  • TSH – checks thyroid function
  • PSA – prostate blood test – men only
Additional blood tests if required:
  • HIV Screen
  • Hepatitis screen
  • STD Screen
  • Toxicology
  • ESR / CRP
  • Rheumatoid Screen

Please ask the Doctor or Nurse if you have any additional requirements regarding blood tests, preferably before attending, to enable us to facilitate same if at all possible.

Tests included in Executive Medical Examination: Female:
  • Breast Examination and teach self-examination.
  • Cervical/ Pap Smear Test
  • Scrotal Exam / Testicular check
  • Prostate Check / Digital rectal examination.
Optional Male and Female:
  • Bowel Check – either Digital rectal examination or ‘home bowel check kit’
  • Urinalysis – medical screen only.

Before your private executive medical

Prior to your visit with us your personal wellness advisor will contact you regarding important details about your medical. This is includes but is not limited to:

  • The health questionnaire
  • Dietary instructions
  • Meal preferences
  • Medications and dosages
  • Medical history information
  • Health Insurance details
  • Additional and or optional requirements
Clothing for your visit

We ask that you wear comfortable shoes and clothing. This will be required for the fitness evaluation and more suited to the day’s activity.

On the day of the private executive medical

A car will pick you up and chauffeur you to the medical centre. We usually schedule executive medicals for the morning sessions, as we like you to attend Fasting i.e., nothing to eat or drink for the preceding 8-10 hours. It is easier to do this whilst asleep, and this allows your body’s metabolism to achieve baseline levels. Please note if you have a medical condition that may be affected by this, or you are on any medication, you should discuss this by phone or email with the Doctor/Coordinator before attending / embarking on your fast.

On arrival, you will initially be seen by the Nurse, who will do some baseline measurements and take an extensive range of Blood Tests. The tests included where applicable are listed below – if you have any additional blood test requirements we can also do these at this stage.

We then offer you a healthy breakfast with a chance to catch the morning headlines in the paper. If you have any particular dietary requirements we will try to accommodate you.

You then have a full medical with the Doctor, which includes a full Medical History and Examination. We have both male & female doctors and personal examinations may be chaperoned. Obviously, if there is any part of the examination that you do not require it is entirely at your discretion and we will honour this (for e.g. recent Pap smear or prostate test). You then have an Audiometric Screen (hearing test) and Full Vision Screen (please bring your spectacles / lenses if you use same). We then finish off the examinations with a Resting ECG.

Your age, family history, lifestyle, medical history, symptoms or other risk factors may necessitate additional tests or screenings. These additional screenings are done at this stage of the medical. Additional screenings may include a Lung Function Test and or chest x-ray, bone density or a colonoscopy.

Your next session focuses on a healthy lifestyle to promote overall quality of life. A lifestyle with good dietary habits and fitness routines is important to achieve this. Your nutrition and fitness consultations are conducted with the aim of providing personalised recommendations for good health, disease management and weight control.

By now you are ready to unwind, with your optional Stress Management session. This session is meant to be a collaborative one which focuses on work life balance and offers guidance on improving emotional wellness. You then finish with a relaxing massage and light lunch before your briefing on the primary prevention plan.

What happens after the private executive medical?

The Doctor will collate your results and prepare an individual primary prevention plan which will be explained to you at the end of the medical or forwarded to you (using your preferred method of communication). It will provide details of the potential health risks along with an action plan giving advice on diet, lifestyle and further action for any abnormalities. Any advice or suggestions can be followed up, either with us or your GP.

We aim to make your medical an enjoyable and educational experience.

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