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Healthcare needs in the workplace are changing; employees have diverse health challenges which impact performance at work. Navigating these challenges will at times fall outside the scope of a company nurse or HR professional. Our team of dedicated professionals can make your wellness programme, pre-recruitment medical, food handlers, health certificate or Fit to work medical, easier to handle and monitor. Register today and get started on the business portal.

Company health reviews

We have used Coverley Medical Centre for four years and have been able to reach our objective every single year. They have made rolling out our programme easy.

Implementing recruitment medicals was a great solution for our organisation. In a high risk environment like ours we have to know that the people we put out there are right for the job.

This programme has changed how we view health. We decided that starting at the top was important for us and it worked out perfectly. Getting that buy in from management was half the work.

The Coverley Medical Centre business portal hosts a wealth of information including Safety and Health checklists, First Aid information, Wellness Programme management tools and more. It also you to request reports, forms and query your accounts.

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