Fit to work Assessments

Why are Fit to Work Assessments needed?

  • The employee/ prospective employee’s health condition may limit or prevent them from effectively performing the job (e.g. musculoskeletal conditions that limit ability)

  • Work may worsen the individual’s condition

  • The individual’s condition may make certain jobs and work environments unsafe to them (e.g. liability to sudden unconsciousness in a hazardous situation)

  • The individual’s condition may make it unsafe both for themselves and for others in some roles

  • The individual’s condition may pose a risk to the community (e.g. infection transmitted by a food handler)

When is such an assessment needed?

  • On initial recruitment (depending on work exposures)

  • Returning to work after significant or prolonged illness or injury

  • Undergoing periodic review relating to specific requirements (e.g. health surveillance)


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